A Legacy of Hope

A Legacy of Hope

As I approached 100, I wondered: "How can I preserve and leave a legacy for future generations with respect to the stories, memories and music I've collected and played over the past one hundred years of my life as a concert pianist and in the arts?"

As fate would have it, several years ago Peabody award winning music historian Steve Rowland and I met one day at a concert in my home for young winners of The Metropolitan Opera's regional music competitions.

Today, as I turn 103, Steve has honored me by completing the oral history of my life. The interviews need  to be transcribed, polished, and then distributed via CD to schools and libraries around the world. Steve and I hope the values and music shared in them might touch young listeners and make a difference in their lives.

If you feel led to help complete this legacy project, please consider buying one of my digital albums distributed by Steve's company, Artist Owned. I would be deeply grateful to you.


Jerold Frederic



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